In August 2017, we collaborated with Nesst, a Gold Coast florist with a passion for creating floral eye candy. The owner, Ness Falzon began her journey through creating flower crowns at home as a hobby. A hobby which seamlessly was picked up by stores who would utilise them in their fashion shoots or worn by beautiful brides on their special day. 

An unplanned and impromptu beginning naturally lead Ness to take up further training in the field of floristry. Over the past six years she has completed numerous courses both online and at tertiary academies which have given her the tools to further develop her craft. Tools that look at the stems of flowers in a uniquely different way to which we would usually. Tools that have allowed her to use more authentic and truthful floristry techniques compared to the traditionalist way. Nesst draws inspiration and knowledge from the works of an overseas florist Soil and Stem and is currently creating flower arrangements for weddings, special events and photoshoots. 

Our collaboration aimed to assist Ness and harness the nature and beauty of her work. We created a timeless suede piece which offers a functional yet stunning piece of workwear that can be worn at home or out on the job setting up for events. Tailored with an in built secateur holder and her personal branding.


The future holds exciting things for Nesst. Reporting that she is delving more into the world of natural installation. She is also now offering fresh bouquets home delivered by her little french bulldog to the Gold Coast. 

If you would like to learn more about Nesst than you can find her at



In August 2017, we collaboratied with the Cambus Wallace. A nautical themed whiskey bar which pioneered a change in the nightlife scene on the Gold Coast. Having just had there 5 year anniversary late in 2017, who knew the impact a group of local friends could have had on the area. Bringing elements of heritage, class and culture to a small space in Nobbys Beach on the Gold Coast. Travelling and bar jobs overseas were not enough for the men. They loved the coast and brought all of their tales to it.


The current face of the CW and one of the founders Dave Ferry has been an integral part of the bar since the beginning. He has always been a hospitality man at heart. Whats interesting about Dave is that he went to university and studied international business/marketing and progressed to working within the team at a large surf label. An old dream of his growing up that just didn't quite fit his mould. He could have also become a chef however his love of interaction with others and creativity took hold and landed him straight behind the polished wooden bar.


The initial phases of opening for the Cambus Wallace was a learning curve by all. With help by friends and experienced cocktail makers, they fostered a culture where upskilling in the craft of cocktail making became the norm. Dave has continued to foster this culture and would like to be a guiding figure for up and coming bar tenders if they were to pursue that dream.

"Being a great barman takes a lot of work and may not be for everyone. It involves a fusion of elements. A commitment to travel, a commitment to the theory and a commitment to your personal style and touch." 


The team at Cambus Wallace ventured further last year to open another bar in Palm Beach called The Scottish Prince. It holds the same undertones and feels as the Cambus Wallace that see you drifting off into a different world for the night. Great music, great cocktails slashed with a bit of sass behind the bar. You can even hire out the private whiskey tasting room for a session with friends.  


Our collaboration with these bars involved creating classic and classy aprons that will tell a story with their age. The olive and oak colours see the aprons blend seamlessly into the vintage decor and soft lighting. 

We would like to wish them a wild and fulfilling journey and hope that one day Dave will put his money where his mouth is and create a better tasting scotch than what is currently on the market. For more information, you can check out their websites on the links below.